Tokyowheel™ EPIC 5.6 - Carbon Clincher - Wheelset

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Epic 5 6 carbon clincher wheelset black min

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Hubs & Spokes

Standard Hubs + Standard Aero Spokes

+$0.00 1754.0g

... ...

Standard Hubs + Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

+$99.00 1655g

... ...

Standard Hubs + Sapim CX-Ray Spokes + Ceramic Bearings

+$279.00 1615g

... ...

DT Swiss 240s Straight-Pull Hubs + Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

+$379.00 1712g

Cassette Compatibility
Shimano / SRAM

Add Swissstop $65.00


4x SwissStop® Yellow King Carbon Brake Pads. More stopping power, less rim wear, less noise.

Add Tires & Tubes $115.00


2x Continental GP4000 S II 25mm Tires + 2x Continental Race Light Tubes, Preinstalled.


Add WheelCare $199.00


Two years of additional warranty coverage (three years total), and three years of additional crash replacement coverage (five years total).

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EPIC 5.6
All Purpose Aero Wheel System


The best all purpose aero wheelset. Designed to perform great in any conditions, from hill climbs to triathlons, the EPIC 5.6 is great for riders looking for one wheelset to do everything.

Rider Type
Is this wheelset right for you?

Road Racing

The EPIC 5.6 is perfect for a wide variety of road racing situations. It's a more aerodynamic option than the EPIC 3.4, and performs great in rides and races with a lot of varying conditions. Perfect for longer race stages, criteriums, and for riders looking for an added aerodynamic advantage.


The EPIC 5.6 is the best choice for triathlons in windy conditions. It's a more crosswind stable wheelset than the EPIC 7.10, and is also great for lighter riders concerned about bike handling. If you are looking for an aero wheelset to use in any training and racing conditions, the EPIC 5.6 is for you.


If you are a recreational rider, that rides solo and in a group over a variety of terrain and conditions, the EPIC 5.6 is for you. The superior aerodynamics are great for riding alone or leading a group. If you are looking for one wheelset to do everything, you've found it.

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System-Optimised™ Design
A Different Approach To Wheel Design

Tokyowheel System-Optimized™ wheels have distinctly different front and rear rims to maximize performance. Learn More...

CFD Engineered
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Faster, more aerodynamic wheels as a result of engineering in a computer simulated windtunnel. Learn More...

Carbon-Strut™ Construction
Unique Carbon Fiber Manufacturing That is Lighter and Stronger

69 folded layers of carbon fiber arranged in a stronger, lighter construction only possible with System-Optimized™ wheels. Learn More...

2-Way Clincher Tubeless. Tubes or No-Tubes - You Choose.

Tokyowheel 2-Way Tubeless Clincher

*Epic 60 Shown

Use either traditional tires with tubes, or tubeless tires without tubes. Tubeless tires can provide lower rolling resistance and better protection from punctures.

Learn More About Tubeless

Carbon Valve Balance. Smoother Spinning Wheels At High Speeds.

Tokyowheel Carbon Valve Balance

*Epic 60 Shown

Tokyowheel rims are balanced for the weight of long inner-tube valves.

Learn More

DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperature Carbon
Better Braking Performance.

DuraHeat-R™ Carbon Braking Surface

A three part technology for superior braking with carbon rims.

Standard Hubs and Spokes
Tokyowheel™ VAPOR 2 Hubs & Aero Bladed Spokes

Lightweight, durable road bike hubs and strong aerodynamic spokes. Available with optional Sapim Cx-Ray Spokes and Ceramic Bearings

Optional DT Swiss Hubs and Sapim Spokes
DT Swiss 240s Straight-Pull Hubs + Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

One of the most well known names in hubs. DT Swiss components have a long history of quality and high performance.

UCI Approved

This wheelset has been certified and approved by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), for use in UCI sanctioned road races. These wheels are also certified for use in ITU (International Triathlon Union) sanctioned triathlons.

What's In The Box
All The Accessories You Need

Titanium Quick-Release Skewers (Included with Quick-Release Compatible Hub Options), Nylon Rim Strip, Valve Extensions.

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Weight* 1644g - 1781g (depending on hub & spoke options) 1434g - 1571g (depending on hub & spoke options)
Rim 700c Carbon Clincher 700c Carbon Clincher
Rim Weight* Front 550g, Rear 600g Front: 450g, Rear 490g
Rim Depth Front: 55mm, Rear: 65mm Front: 33mm, Rear: 43mm
VAPOR 2 wheel weight* Front: 785g, Rear: 996g, Set: 1781g Front: 685g, Rear: 886g, Set: 1571g
Sapim upgrade wheel weight* Front: 741g, Rear: 943g, Set: 1684g Front: 641g, Rear: 833g, Set: 1474g
Ceramic upgrade wheel weight* Front: 728g, Rear: 916g, Set: 1644g Front: 628g, Rear: 806g, Set: 1434g
DT Swiss upgrade wheel weight* Front: 762g, Rear: 939g, Set: 1701g Front: 662g, Rear: 829g, Set: 1491g
Rider Weight Limit 254lbs / 115kg 242lbs / 110kg
Engineering Tokyowheel Tokyowheel
Generation 3rd 3rd
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