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Tokyowheel™ Epic 88 - Carbon Clincher - Wheelset

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Tokyowheel Epic 88 Wheelset

Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset with 88mm Deep Extra Wide Rims, Aero Bladed Spokes, and Road Bike Hubs

Quick Specs

Total Weight 1790g*
Wheel Type Wheel Set (Front + Rear)
Rim Type Clincher
Rim Material Full Carbon
Rim Depth 88mm
Rim Width 27mm
Wheel Size 700c
Hub Road
Spoke Count Front: 20, Rear: 24
Rider Weight Limit 243.5lbs / 110kg
See Full Specs *With Sapim CX-Ray Spokes and Tokyowheel Vapor Ceramic Hub


Tokyowheel™ Epic 88 is the Best Maximum Aero Carbon Clincher Road Bike & Triathlon Wheelset. Recommended for riders that want the most aerodynamic wheels available for long road bike rides and triathlons.

Epic 88 is a no compromise wind splitting weapon. Built around the Epic 88mm, 100% carbon, clincher rim, this wheelset is designed to reach max top speeds on flats, and go long distances with as little effort as possible. Tokyowheel Vapor™ road bike hubs eliminate internal friction and boost riding efficiency and durability.

Feel confident when you apply the brakes onto the Epic 88's DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperature Carbon braking surface. Not only does it stop you quicker, with greater stability, but it's much more durable on brake heavy rides, like long descents. Ride fast, ride far with Tokyowheel™ Epic 88 carbon wheels.



Low Drag

Stability in Windy Conditions



Constant Speed

Best Use




EPIC 88mm Deep Carbon Rim. Maximum Aerodynamics, Maximum Speed.

Rim depth is the defining characteristic of a carbon wheel. The Epic 88mm rim is the most aerodynamic rim we offer. Ideal for long flat rides, triathlons, and time trials.

Tokyowheel Epic 88 Carbon Road Bike Wheels

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Full Carbon Clincher. High Strength Carbon for Lightweight Performance.

Using the latest carbon forming technology, we are able to build a very strong rim from carbon only. A critical area for durability, the tire bead hook of the EPIC clincher rim is up 73% stronger than other carbon clincher rims. This give you a wheel that is very light with positive braking performance and reliable durability.

Extra Wide 27mm Rim Increased Aerodynamics and Improved Handling.

The extra wide rim has multiple benefits. The rim's 27mm max width improves aerodynamics by creating a more uniform airflow over the wheel, balancing the aerodynamic forces of the rim with the leading edge of the tire. The 25mm width at the tire mount and braking surface spread out out the tire, which creates a wider contact patch between the tire and the road resulting in improved handling and reduced rolling resistance. The 25mm outter rim also allows the wheel to fit into most frame and brake setups.

Extra Wide 27mm Carbon Rim

DuraHeat-R™ Carbon Braking Surface

DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperature Carbon. Better Braking Performance.

DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperature Carbon braking surface. Not only does it stop you quicker, with greater stability, but it's much more durable on brake heavy rides, like long descents.


3.2mm Aero Bladed Spokes. Incerase Wheel Strength and Improve Aerodynamic Speed.

Standard 3.2mm Aero Bladed spokes comes standard on all Tokyowheels, and offer the improved aerodynamics of the bladed spoke shape.

3.2mm Aero Bladed Spokes

Sapim Cx-Ray Spokes & Sapim Sils Nipples

Sapim CX-Ray. Optional Premium Spokes.

Arguably the best spokes in the world. The aerodynamic shape of the CX-Ray is also 30% lighter than standard round spokes.

Learn More


Tokyowheel Vapor Hubs

Tokyowheel Vapor. Standard Road Bike Hubs.

Lightweight, smooth rolling, and durable. Vapor hubs, feature a 6 pawl cassette (Industry standard is 3 pawls), for better power engagement to the wheel. With 4 sealed cartridge bearings in the rear hub and 2 in the front, Vapor hubs are great all around durable road bike hubs.

Tokyowheel Vapor Ceramic. Optional Lighter Ceramic 4 Bearing Hubs.

A lighter version of our Vapor hub, with ceramic bearings for the ultimate in low friction rolling. 4 USA Enduro Ceramic bearings are used in each of the front and rear hubs (Industry standard hubs use only 2 bearings per hub). The extra 2 bearings per hub distribute forces across a greater number of bearing balls and improve durability and bearing life.Get this hub upgrade and we will include Titanium quick release skewers.

Learn More
Tokyowheel Vapor Ceramic Bearing Hubs

DT Swiss 240s Hubs

DT Swiss 240s. Optional Premium Road Bike Hubs.

One of the most well known names in hubs. DT Swiss components have a long history of quality and high performance. Get this hub upgrade and we will include Titanium quick release skewers.

Learn More


Quick Release Skewers

Quick Release Skewers Included

Choose any hub upgrade and we will also upgrade your Quick Release Skewers to Titanium.

Tokyowheel BlueStop Carbon Brake Pads

Brake Pads Included

Tokyowheel BlueStop Carbon Brake Pads (1 Set Per Wheel). We also recommend Swiss Stop Yellow King Brake Pads.

Nylon Rim Strips

Rim Strips Included

Pre-Installed Nylon Rim Strips

60mm valve Extensions

60mm Valve Extensions Included

Use standard tubes, and extend the valve length to accommodate deep carbon rims. Select this accessory when you are adding your wheels to the shopping cart.

Detailed Specs

Recommended For Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, Time Trial Bikes.
Notable Features 88mm carbon clincher rim, Aero Bladed Spoke, and Ultralight Smooth Rolling Road Bike Hubs
Product Includes Complete wheels, Nylon Rim Strips, Quick Release Skewers, Tokyowheel BlueStop Carbon Brake Pads, Value Extensions
Tire Compatibility Clincher
Tube Compatibility Presta
Rims 100% Carbon Fiber Clincher 700c, 88mm Deep, 27mm wide (25mm wide braking surface), UD Matte Finish
Braking track DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperate Carbon braking surface

Tokyowheel Vapor™ Road Bike Hubs (Black). 6 Pawl, Cartridge bearing. Built for us by hub maker Bitex. Front: 80g, Rear: 225g. 

Optional Upgrade: Tokyowheel Vapor Ceramic™ USA Enduro Ceramic bearing Hubs. Front: 65g, Rear:192g

Optional Upgrade: DT Swiss 240s Hubs. Front: 105g, Rear: 209g

Axle Width Front: 100mm Rear:130mm
Cassette Body  Shimano 8.9.10. 11sp.  Campagnolo 9.10.11sp.
Spokes Aero Bladed Spokes (Black) by Pillar
Optional Upgrade: Sapim CX-Ray (Black)
Nipples Alloy (Black) by Pillar
Optional Upgrade: Sapim SILS (Black)
Spoke Count Front: 20, Rear: 24
Lacing Front: Radial, Rear: 2x
Rim Weight 660g/rim
Total Weight 1790g/set +/-20g, (w/o, QR)*
*With Sapim Spokes and Vapor Ceramic Hub
Included Accessories Quick Release Skewers (Black), Tokyowheel BlueStop Carbon Brake Pads, Nylon Rim Strips, Valve Extensions
Rider Weight Limit 243.5lbs / 110kg


Tokyowheel Support

We Support You

Our build process starts with support. Choosing your new wheels can be a difficult decision. We understand that and are here to help. Send us an email or give us a call and ask us a few questions about your future wheels. We will help you choose the best wheelset for you. Once you've placed an order, we keep in touch with you while your order is processing and support you after you've received your new wheels.

Handbuilt Carbon Wheels

Hand Built

Building wheels is one of the few things that machines can't do as well as humans. Although a handmade wheel and a machine made wheel might look the same initially, the hand made wheel will ride faster and more comfortably and stay truer over time. Tokyowheel master wheel-builders assemble, true, balance, and test every wheelset to exact precision standards, to ensure that your wheels perform perfectly, for as long as you own them.

Tokyowheel Carbon Wheels

Strict Quality Testing

Your wheels are built to within very strict tolerances limits, to guaranteed you the most durable highest performing wheels

Build MeasurementTolerance
Lateral Offset<0.2mm
Max Rim Tension300kgf
Max Spoke Tension (Front)100kgf
Max Spoke Tension (Rear)140kgf
Tokyowheel Warranty & Crash Replacement

1 Year Warranty & 2 Year Crash Replacement

Manufacturing Defects Found Within 3 MonthsWe will replace your wheels and pay shipping both ways.
Manufacturing Defects Found Within 3 Months to 1 YearYou Just Pay Shipping
After 1 YearMaintenance, upgrade, and repair service at minimal cost.
You Crash and Destroy your Wheels (Within 2 Years)We will sell you a new set of wheels at 50% off.
What's Not CoveredNormal Wear and Tear


Fast Free Shipping

Fast Free Worldwide Shipping

We ship to all countries for FREE. See the shipping table to the right for a list of countries. Once we get your order we immediately begin building your wheels with the options you've selected, and ship them once they have passed our strict quality control check. Order today and get your wheels in 7 ~ 14 days. We ship by EMS, DHL, and XDB depending upon your location, and always provide a tracking number.

No Tax and Fees

110% Guaranteed No Customs Taxes

We 110% Guarantee that you will pay no customs fees or taxes. As part of our guarantee, if you have to pay any fees, we will reimburse you for the full amount of the fees. We ship wheels all over the world, and we monitor your shipment until it reaches your door. We communicate with customs officials on your behalf if there are any issues with your wheels passing through customs. It can be a big disappointment to get your wheels with a costly customs tax attached, we realize this and we guarantee that this won't be the case if you order from Tokyowheel. Feel confident that the price you see listed on this website is the full price for your wheels. There will be no additional fees or taxes at all.

Shipping Rates

CountryWheelset Shipping RateExpected Delivery
USA$75.00 FREE Shipping $0.00 USD 7 ~ 14 Days
Canada$85.00 FREE Shipping $0.00 USD 7 ~ 14 Days
Japan$44.00 FREE Shipping $0.00 USD 7 ~ 14 Days
Australia$60.00 FREE Shipping $0.00 USD 7 ~ 14 Days
UK$80.00 FREE Shipping $0.00 USD 7 ~ 14 Days
Denmark$95.00 FREE Shipping $0.00 USD 7 ~ 14 Days
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