Fame and fortune await our community!

27 Mar 2016

We get a real kick out of seeing photos of our wheels in action. Our community does too. In the past, we published a selection of the photos sent to us in a number of different channels (our Facebook, our Instagram, our website). We weren’t very systematic in the way we went about it. Some images were posted in one place, others in another.

As customers regularly tell us they want to see more, we recently set things up so that community members can post pics directly to the photos page on our website through the use of hashtags.


If you post to either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and include #teamtokyowheel in your post, your pictures will automatically be queued to feature on our site. They’re queued so that they can be reviewed prior to publication - low quality (blurry, grainy, bad light, poorly framed, bad backdrop) & less appropriate images (= no pranking) will be filtered out. Some (obviously love-struck) customers send us 7 or 8 photos of their bike from slightly different angles. Though we appreciate their passion (we really do), we’ll filter some of their pics out too.

If you're old school and/or prefer to email pics to Tokyowheel directly (and have us do the posting), go for it!


Our favourite pic each month will score a $75 gift voucher for the winner! Great to top off your next big purchase, or save it for the accessories we'll be loading onto the site in coming weeks. If you're the giving sort, you can gift the voucher to someone else and they can redeem it. We'll announce the winner on Facebook at the start of each month.

More than just bikes we’d love to see some of our riders too, so don’t be shy. Check out our photos page to see where it's at right now. We're adding to it from our archives each week to bring it up to date. Please be aware that the first time you visit the photos page there will be a delay in the time it takes to load. This should only happen once and is due to the new technology we're using. So there you have it - fame and fortune await. Get snapping!

If you’re new to carbon wheels, and don’t know where to start, sign up for our introductory email course - Carbon Wheel 101. The course is much loved and has helped thousands of people get their heads around the carbon wheel thing. The course completes in a week, and only involves a few minutes reading each day.

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