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Tokyowheel Update Mid July 2016

21 Jul 2016

Hi, I’ve got a few great things to talk with you about today, and some status updates on new products.

Special Offer Sale

The Special Offer Sale ends in less than 5 days, so if you’re thinking about upgrading your cycling lifestyle with some new carbon wheels, now is the time to act. Click over to the sale page and unlock the sale price here == >>

Pre-Sale Product Status

The EPIC 3.4 was on pre-sale earlier this summer, and those wheels have all been shipped out to customers. We’re getting great feedback from everyone. All the hard work that went into the wheels is really paying off in how much everyone is loving them. The EPIC 3.4 is currently available and shipping normally.

The EPIC 5.6 is still in production, and not shipping yet. We’ve finished making the carbon rim moulds, and have been testing rim prototypes. The test wheels have performed just as we expected, and everything is going great. We are now producing all the rims for customer pre-orders, and expect to begin shipping them by the end of this month. There is a possibility that we won’t begin shipping until the beginning of August (if we encounter any unforeseen delays between now and the end of the month).

The EPIC 7.10 is on schedule for delivery in August. The manufacturing of the carbon moulds is almost finished, and we will be testing the updated carbon layup on them soon.

The Pro-Hubs are on schedule for delivery in August. The biggest challenge for this product was producing the full carbon hub shell. This is the main structural part of the hub and is a significant technical challenge to produce in carbon fiber. We’ve finished the carbon molds necessary to make the front and rear hubs, and are continuously working on the carbon layup pattern (that determines strength to weight ratio). Things are going according to plan, and we should be good for delivery in August.

UCI Certification

The UCI has a new process for certification that just started this year. The EPIC 3.4 is the only one of the new wheel sets to have already been tested, and it passed wonderfully. The EPIC 5.6 and 7.10 will be tested in the coming weeks. We’ve submitted all the necessary documentation to the UCI and now are waiting for their response. They say that response can take 2 months, so it’s just a matter of time before we hear back about that. We'll keep you posted!.

Wind Tunnel Testing

The EPIC 3.4 will be heading into the wind tunnel next week for aerodynamic testing. We’ve been working with the great people over at the A2 wind tunnel, and are very eager to get in and test our wheels in their facility. Tokyowheel Community Manager TJ lives very close to the A2 wind tunnel in North Carolina, so he will be there, and I will be attending remotely via telepresence robot. We will give you more info about that after we do the test.

Road Disc Brake Wheels

We’ve got some awesome road disc brake wheels coming soon. They are based off of the new EPIC rim systems, and have a few disc brake specific features. The biggest difference is the disc brake hub, but the rims are also slightly different. They don’t have a rim braking surface and therefore are a little lighter than the rim brake versions. The spoke holes are 24 front and 24 rear and are specially setup for 2x all around. The carbon layup is specific for the disc brake forces and spoke orientation. Keep your eyes out for these in the near future..

MTB Wheels

If you ride a mountain bike, then join in the discussion about mountain bike wheels over on the Tokyowheel Forum.

Give us your feedback and follow along as we bring those products to life.

Thanks to you!

We get so many emails from awesome customers around the world, and we love talking with everyone in the community, so please feel free to get in touch and say Hi. Thanks for everything!

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