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Pre-Sale and Ambassador Status Update

15 6月 2016

The pre-sale of the new EPIC wheel systems is going great.

The first batch of EPIC 3.4s are getting prepped to ship out to everyone who has already placed an order. Look forwards to a shipping announcement in the near future, if you have preordered. The pre-sale for the EPIC 3.4 ends today, and it goes on sale for the usual retail price. If you haven’t bought yours yet, now is the time. 

The EPIC 5.6 has begun production, and is on schedule for shipping in July. We’re manufacturing the new moulds necessary to make the carbon rim, and getting the carbon team ready to product the first batch of 5.6 rims. Progress is going great.

The EPIC 7.10 and the Carbon Vapor hub production will ramp up soon, and they are both on schedule for shipment in August. 

If you haven’t placed your pre-order yet, then head over to the shop and get in on the deal while you can.

Last week was the launch of the ambassador program beta, and we saw some great activity. A lot of you signed up for free ambassador accounts and shared your ambassador link. We’re already seeing results from that, and rewarding ambassadors with store credit.

The current Top 3 ranking of ambassadors are:

  2. Perbowo Wicaksono
  3. Sylvain Jean

Great job team! 

If you haven’t signed up to be an ambassador yet, check out the announcement and watch the signup tutorial here. 




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