Tokyowheel 110% Guarantees Explained

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Tokyowheel EPIC 60 Ride Report [Video Review]

Tokyowheel rider Tony V. from Guam, USA gives a ride report video review of the EPIC 60 wheelset. Check it out below.

"I say they’re great wheels. No problem with them, it has exceeded my...

Tokyowheels Available in 12 Colors


All Tokyowheels are now available in 12 di...

Tokyowheel Epic 50-60 Red on a Ridley Noah

Tokyowheel Epic 50-60 Red on a Ridley Noah. 

Tokyowheel EPIC 50 Ride Report [Video Review]

Tokyowheel rider, Jeffrey from the USA posted a ride report video review of the EPIC 50 Carbon Clinchers. Check out the video below.

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New Red EPIC Decals

Sneak peek of the new red EPIC decals on the Tokyowheel EPIC 50 front wheel. 

Tokyowheel EPIC 50 [Video Review]

Check out this VIDEO REVIEW of the Tokyowheel EPIC 50 carbon wheelset. Thanks Jeffrey from Texas, USA. 

"Custom wheelset from Tokyowheel. James Ferrer set me up wit...

Tokyowheel EPIC 88 [Video Review]

Check out this video review of the Tokyowheel EPIC 88 carbon wheelset on a CEEPO Katana Triathlon frame. Thanks Hans from the Netherlands.


New Single Wheels

We are happy to announce that you can now buy all of our wh...

New Epic and Elite Carbon Wheels + New Website


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