When will I get my wheels?

8 Mar 2018

Pre COVID: 14-21 days is our estimated delivery window. We make this window 95% of the time. If you have an event coming up or something we can put a rush on the order. This means it will be processed preferentially where possible, which will shave a few days off the lead time.

Post COVID: Expect delays. The shipping situation is fluid right now - impacted by infection waves and vaccine movements. For an up-to-date estimated delivery window for your route, please contact support - questions@tokyowheels.com .

научете 6 те неща, които трябва да знаете, преди да купите карбонови колела.

БЕЗПЛАТНО Ръководство на купувача за карбонови колела

ionicons-v5-e Каква е стойността на въглеродните колела?


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ionicons-v5-e Бонус: Получавайте съвети, новини и специални оферти за карбонови колела