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CORE Carbon MTB Wheels Are Now Shipping

16 Mär 2017

I've got a fantastic update for you about the CORE carbon mountain bike wheels! These products went on pre-sale a few months ago, and many customers were excitedly awaiting their wheels to ship. I am happy to report that we have been shipping wheels to customers for over a week now. From now on, the CORE MTB wheels will be normally available.

We are very excited to get these products onto your bike, so you can start experiencing better handling, more speed through turns, easier climbs, and faster descents.

As with all our products, we love getting feedback from customers and requests for new products, configurations, and features. If you have any requests or desires for the CORE mountain bike wheels, head over to this post on the Tokyowheel forum, where you can submit your feedback and we will discuss and consider it with you.

Shop the CORE MTB Wheels Here

Join the CORE MTB Wheel Forum Discussion Here

Thanks to everyone that's been so enthusiastic about the CORE wheels, we're very happy to empower your cycling lifestyle with them. Thanks!


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