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Schedule, Status & What's Next

14 Mai 2016

These 3 new wheelsets, and the 2 hub options, will be available for pre-sale from Tuesday May 24, 2016 at 12:00 Noon EST. 

Schedule & Status

The EPIC 3.4 has finished engineering, we have already had the carbon rim moulds manufactured, and we're ready to start shipping units from mid June.

Between now and then we will be testing the wheels in a wind tunnel and publishing official drag numbers and expected numbers for time-savings.

We've passed the UCI certification pre-test. The next step is to submit to the UCI for final certification. UCI approval can take a few months, and will retroactivly effect all wheelsets, so that's not going to effect shipping dates. 

Release of the EPIC 5.6 and EPIC 7.10 will follow - staggered at one month intervals. 

The EPIC 5.6 is estimated to begin shipping in July, and the EPIC 7.10 in August. 

The standard hubs and spokes are avaialble to ship now. The Pro Hub upgrade featuring the CARBON VAPOR hub is estimated to ship in August. 

So just to clarify, if you order a wheelset with standard hubs and spokes it will ship on this schedule: EPIC 3.4 Jun, EPIC 5.6 Jul, EPIC 7.10 Aug. All wheesets upgraded to Pro Hubs and spokes are estimated to ship in Aug.

What's Next

We will be releasing the road disc brake & cyclocross versions of these wheelsets for presale in coming weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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