Freehub Body



The perfect upgrade or replacement for your Tokyowheel VAPOR hubs.

The lightweight aluminum freehub is build around a 6-pawl ratchet, which gives you 2x the industry standard hub engagement points when pedaling.

Use your existing cassette with this freehub and take advantage of it's ability to fit cassettes up to 11 speeds.

Don't loose speed while coasting! This freehub's premium TPI cartridge bearings are available in standard steel, or ultra low friction ceramic.

This easy to install freehub body requires no special tools, and can be installed quickly with common allen wrenches.

Click the ADD TO CART now and enjoy the experience new freehub and the smooth powerful cycling that comes with it.


FREE カーボンホイールバイヤーズガイド

ionicons-v5-e カーボンホイールの価値は何ですか?



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ionicons-v5-e レッスン 2: チューブラー 対 クリンチャー

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ionicons-v5-e レッスン 6: ホイールに費用をかけすぎないようにする方法

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