Brake Pads

Ceramic Compound Brake Pads for Carbon Wheels

Quick Specs

Includes 2 Pairs (4 Pads)
Compatibility Fits Shimano / SRAM or Campagnolo
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Get an additional 2 pairs of brake pads for use on all Tokyowheel brand wheels. If you choose not to use Tokyowheel CeramicStop™ Carbon brake pads, we recommend the SwissStop Yellow King product line.

We recently released 3rd generation CeramicStop™ Carbon Brake Pads. We were able to incorporate advances in materials technology in this latest iteration. We're really happy with the new product. Essentially these pads have more stopping power , and keep your rims cooler. This is usually the trade off with brake pads. More stopping power generally means more friction (and more heat). These new pads contain a ceramic compound which helps to reduce heat build-up over time. As a result, you may notice a 'dusting' from the pads, as opposed to some pads which leave a rubber residue on the rim. This dusting is a key part of the braking surface heat solution.