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110% Speed Guaranteed

Ride Faster Or We'll Buy Your Wheels Back For More Than You Paid.

If you aren’t faster with your new Tokyowheels, send them back and we will refund you 110% of the purchase price plus the return shipping - that means we will give you a full refund plus an additional 10% more cash back, as our way of saying Thank You (excludes expedited shipping).

65-Day Test Ride + Free Returns + 110% Moneyback

If you don't absolutely love your wheels, then send them back within 65 days of purchase, and we'll refund you 110% of your purchase price, and pay for the return shipping.

  • Wheels must be posted to Tokywheel before the test-drive period ends.
  • Wheels must be clean and free from scratches, dings or damage of any kind.
  • Wheels must be packed in original packaging (or similar). Damage to a returned product brought about by improper packaging may disqualify the returned product from this guarantee (in such instances, the product will be returned to sender).
  • Wheels must be posted via tracked EMS (or tracked USPS where appropriate) to an address supplied by Tokyowheel.
  • The customer will be refunded within 10 working days of Tokyowheel receiving the returned product (should the return qualify for a refund as per above).
  • The customer will be refunded to a credit card if one was used in the original purchase. If a credit card wasn't used in the original purchase, or if Tokyowheel are unable to refund to a credit card for any reason, Tokyowheel will refund via TransferWise.
  • Returns can not be made for the purpose of upgrading to a recently released product update.
  • Returns cannot be made to take advantage of more recent promotional pricing.
  • Returns made because of a mistake during purchase do not qualify for the additional 10% (purchase price and postage costs, however, will always be 100% refundable if the other terms are met).
  • Each customer/household is eligible for the extra 10% refund only once (purchase price and postage costs, however, will always be 100% refundable if the other terms are met).
  • Customers will be charged for any of the original accessories not returned.
  • The 65- day test ride guarantee only applies to new wheels - all pre-owned wheelset sales are final.

1 Year Warranty & 2 Year Crash Replacement

What's Covered

Your wheels are covered against manufacturing defects found within one year. In such cases, if the warranty item cannot be repaired at our expense, we'll replace the warranty item and pay shipping both ways. We'll also pay for a local bike shop to install the replacement warranty item if necessary. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable. To start a warranty claim please contact us at questions@tokyowheel.com.

Manufacturing Defects Found Within 1 yearWe will replace the faulty component and pay shipping both ways.
After 1 YearMaintenance, upgrade, and repair service at minimal cost.
What's Not CoveredNormal Wear and Tear
The following will void your warranty
  • Misuse (Jumping, trick riding, etc.)
  • Modification of wheels
  • Tire pressure exceeding 140psi
  • Improper assembly
  • Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or not compatible with the wheelsets sold.
  • Use of brake pads not designed for carbon wheels
This warranty does not cover
  • Normal wear and tear (bearings, spokes, nipples, brake tracks, tires, inner tubes, pawls, freewheel bodies, seals, rim tape etc.)
  • Products which have been incorrectly installed and/or adjusted.
  • Issues brought about by neglect or poor maintenance.
  • Surface finish and cosmetic treatments (anodizing, decals, etc.)
  • Crash damage.
  • All other bicycle components
  • Consequential or incidental damages (where applicable)

Please note: with rim brake wheels, the surface finish on the brake track is subject to wear during normal use (friction between brake pad and brake track is why brakes work). There will be more wear and tear on this area than other parts of the rim. It’s normal for the appearance of the finish on the brake track to change over time. To extend the lifespan of your wheels, familiarize yourself with carbon braking techniques, and clean both brake pads and brake tracks regularly. If you don’t keep these surfaces clean, debris will accumulate and cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Tokyowheel offers a crash replacement program for rims (and other parts where necessary) structurally damaged in a crash.

  • The program offers a 50% discount on rims qualifying for crash replacement.
  • The program offers cost pricing on other parts qualifying for crash replacement.
  • The program is valid for 2 years from date of purchase.
  • The program is not transferable and only applies to the initial purchaser.
  • The program covers one crash per wheel.
  • The program does not cover products with serial numbers that have been damaged or modified.
  • The customer is required to pay postage on any replacement items sent to them ($75 USD for a complete wheelset, less for individual parts).
  • Tokyowheel will pay postage on crash damaged items returned to us.
  • The customer is required to pay customs tax/duties on replacement items sent to them (should there be any).
  • Tokyowheel will pay customs tax/duties on crash damaged items returned to us (should there be any).

Shipping & Delivery

Free Express Shipping Worldwide

We ship to all countries, by Express Air, for FREE. See the shipping table to the right for a list of countries. Once we get your order we immediately begin custom hand-building your wheels with the options you've selected. We ship out your wheels by Express Air and always provide a tracking number.

110% Guaranteed No Customs Taxes

We are experts in global logistics and shipping, and we ship out wheels so customers don't pay any fees or taxes. It's company philosophy that all riders should have equal access to our products. A rider in L.A. should get his wheels for the same total price as a rider in Mozambique. Free worldwide shipping and guaranteed no customs taxes is a big part of our effort to make this a reality. It's also an integral part of how we plan to lead the cycling industry and expand globally. We back that up with a 110% Guarantee, which means that should you need to pay any additional fees to get your wheels to your door, we'll refund you 100% the cost of those fees, plus an extra 10% to say thanks (This rarely happens, but when it does we go the extra mile to support our riders).

Shipping Rates

Country Shipping Rate Expected Delivery
USA 1,070,459.74 ₮ FREE Shipping 0.00 ₮ 14 ~ 21 days
Canada 1,099,005.33 ₮ FREE Shipping 0.00 ₮ 14 ~ 21 days
Japan 981,968.40 ₮ FREE Shipping 0.00 ₮ 14 ~ 21 days
Australia 1,027,641.35 ₮ FREE Shipping 0.00 ₮ 14 ~ 21 days
UK 1,084,732.54 ₮ FREE Shipping 0.00 ₮ 14 ~ 21 days
Denmark 1,127,550.93 ₮ FREE Shipping 0.00 ₮ 14 ~ 21 days

Tokyowheel Customer Map

Tokyowheel Customer Map

Payment Methods

Tokyowheel accepts the following payment methods. VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, JC, Discover, Paypal.


You can cancel your order anytime prior to it shipping and receive a full refund. Once an item ships, it cannot be recalled by us however. Should you wish to cancel after your order after it has shipped, you need to first take delivery of the wheels, then return them to us by post. We will provide you with detailed instructions at the time. Once we receive the wheels, and check that everything is ok, We will issue you with a refund and reimburse you the cost of postage.

You can cancel your order anytime prior to it shipping and receive a full refund. Once an item ships, it cannot be recalled by us however. Should you wish to cancel after your order after it has shipped, you need to refuse delivery when the shipment arrives. You can just tell the postal worker/courier 'I refuse delivery'. The item will automatically be returned to sender. Once we see tracking indicate the return is underway, we can issue your refund.


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