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Get SwissStop® Brake Pads and Continental® Tires With Your New Carbon Wheels

4 dub 2018

Now when you buy new Tokyowheels, you have the option of upgrading your brake pads, and adding pre-installed tires and tubes to your wheels.

You can upgrade the brake pads that come with your wheels from the Tokyowheel BlueStop™ brake pads, to SwissStop Yellow King carbon brake pads. This is a great improvement for everyone, and will give you more stopping power, with less rim wear, and less braking noise. If you already have some Tokyowheels, and want to get this braking upgrade, you can order the SwissStop Yellow King brake pads here.

The most common question we get at Tokyowheel, is "what tires do you recommend for you wheels, when road riding and racing?". We always recommend the Continental GP4000s II 25mm tires, and Continental Race Lite tubes. In fact, the Tokyowheel EPIC 3.4, EPIC 5.6, and EPIC 7.10 were specifically designed to minimize aerodynamic drag when used with this tire setup.

Now you can add these tires and tubes to your new Tokyowheel purchase. Just select the Tires and Tubes add-on when ordering and we'll pre-installContinental GP4000s II 25mm tires, and Continental Race Lite tubes onto your wheels.

This simplifies the process of setting up your new wheels, so you can go out and Ride Faster, With Less Effort, and Enjoy Your Cycling More!

Head over to the Tokyowheel shop and pick up some new wheels, with these great accessories today!


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