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Carbon wheels For Road, Triathlon, and Cyclocross Bikes.

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Tokyowheel Carbon Wheels. Take Your Riding To The Next Level.

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Tokyowheel offers a full range of carbon wheels for road bikes, triathlon, and cyclocross bikes. With multiple options for rims, hubs and spokes, you will find the perfect wheels for you.

Superlight. High Performance


Improve your acceleration and climbing with a lightweight set of carbon wheels.

Engineered For Speed Advanced Aerodynamics.


Boost your speed over long distances with advanced aerodynamics.

Faster, Lighter, More Aerodynamic Carbon Rims

Tokyowheel Epic Rims

Full Carbon Rims.Clincher and Tubular.

All Tokyowheels are built with full carbon rims. Our advanced technology makes the rims strong, light, and aerodynamic.

Extra Wide Rims. Modern Performance.

Extra wide rims 26mm~27mm, for increased aerodynamics and better handling.

Choose Your Hubs. Standard or Premium.

DT Swiss

Choose the perfect hubs for your wheels. We offer a wide rage of hubs from standard hubs to premium brand name models.

Aero Bladed Spokes, Standard. Optional Sapim CX-Ray.

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Strong wheels rely on quality spokes to keep them stiff and true. All Tokyowheels come standard with Aero Bladed Spokes, and can be upgraded to the ultimate Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

4,700+ Wheels Sold. In 69 Countries.

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