Tokyowheel Carbon Wheels, Now Built With Brass Nipples

26 kwi 2018

Tokyowheel has updated one of the critical components we use to build our high speed carbon wheels.

Now, every wheel is built with brass nipples, as opposed to our previously used aluminum nipples.

There are some significant advantages to this, that i will explain to you.

We use spokes and nipples from two companies. Pillar, comes standard on our wheels, and you have the option to upgrade to Sapim spokes and nipples. From now on both the Pillar, and Sapim nipples will be black brass.

We've made this change because of the way that aluminum nipples corrode when in contact with carbon fiber, and sweat or salt water. If you have aluminum nipples in these conditions, over time the nipples will seize to the spoke, and you'll lose the ability to turn the nipple, and adjust or fix spoke tension. It makes your wheels unserviceable, and requires replacing all your spokes and nipples, just get your wheel rolling straight and true. Not a good situation!

Brass nipples are coated in nickel so they don't suffer from corrosion, and can be easily adjusted and tuned indefinitely.

This is the reason for the shift to brass. The only downside is that brass nipples are slightly heavier, and add 10~15g per wheel.

This is a small sacrifice, but its a trade off that is well worth it.

Now, when you order Tokyowheels, you'll get a wheel that's easier to maintain, and has a longer life-span, so you can ride faster with less effort for even longer.

Let me know your thoughts on brass nipples.


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