Brake Pads

Ceramic Compound Brake Pads for Carbon Wheels

Quick Specs

Includes 2 Pairs (4 Pads)
Compatibility Fits Shimano / SRAM or Campagnolo
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Get an additional 2 pairs of brake pads for use on all Tokyowheel brand wheels. If you choose not to use Tokyowheel BlueStop 2G brake pads, we recommend the SwissStop Yellow King product line.

We recently released 2nd generation BlueStop pads (BlueStop 2G). We were able to incorporate advances in materials technology in this latest iteration. We're really happy with the new product. Essentially these pads have more stopping power at a lower 'heat-cost'. This is usually the trade off with brake pads. More stopping power generally means more friction (and more heat). These new pads contain a ceramic compound which helps to reduce heat build-up over time. As a result, you may notice a 'dusting' from the pads, as opposed to some pads which leave a rubber residue on the rim. This dusting is a key part or the heat-cost workaround.

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