CORE Enduro
Carbon Enduro MTB Wheels

Best use Enduro / AM
Wheel Size 29" / 27.5"
Suspension 130 - 180mm
Tires 2.3 - 2.8"

Take your Enduro mountain biking to the next level with the Tokyowheel CORE Enduro Carbon Wheels. You'll instantly have better handling, more speed through turns, increased traction, easier climbs, and faster more controlled downhills. Available in 29" and 27.5" sizes.

Light-Weight, High Performance, Guaranteed Unbreakable
Full Carbon Rims.

They key to better riding is lightweight CORE Enduro carbon rims. These rims are specifically designed for Enduro riding in mind. The lightweight all carbon rims give you better braking, suspension response, and easier climbing. You'll notice the difference from your first ride. The CORE Enduro rims are guaranteed unbreakable, so you don't need to worry about riding delicately with your wheels.

Better Ride With Balanced Spoke Tension
Asymetric Rim Shape

Experience A better ride with perfectly balanced spoke tensions. By offsetting the spoke holes on the CORE Enduro rim 3mm to the side, the spokes on the drive side and non-drive side can be of equal length and spoke tension. This equal tension means that the wheel will behave more predictably when riding fast bumpy downhills.

Tokyowheel Mountain Hubs™

Lightweight Tokyowheel Mountain Hubs™ are specifically designed for enduro use with a 28 hole 2-cross lacing pattern, and durable sealed bearings and a weatherproof, Tool-Less maintenance design.

High Engagement Freewheel

High engagement 4 pawl ratchet provides great power transfer and medium loudness wheel freewheeling. Optional SRAM XD Compatibility

Sapim Force Spokes

Sapim Force spokes are extra strong and paired with brass Sapim Polyax nipples, for a wheel that stays true longer, with less broken spokes.

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Technical Specifications & Geometry

Weight* 29": [ Front: 827g / Rear: 982g / Wheelset: 1809g] | 27.5": [Front: 815g / Rear: 968g / Wheelset: 1783g]
Rim Weight* 29": [Front: 485g / Rear: 485g] | 27.5": [Front: 476g / Rear: 476g]
Rim Material 100% Carbon Fiber
Carbon Prepreg Type T700
Carbon Finish Matte UD Carbon Fiber
... ...


You can cancel your order anytime prior to it shipping and receive a full refund. However, once an item ships, it cannot be recalled. Should you wish to cancel your order after it has shipped, you need to first take delivery of the wheels, then return them to us by post. We will provide you with detailed instructions at the time. Once we receive the wheels, and check that everything is ok, We will issue you with a refund and reimburse you the cost of postage.

You can cancel your order anytime prior to it shipping and receive a full refund. Once an item ships, it cannot be recalled by us however. Should you wish to cancel after your order after it has shipped, you need to refuse delivery when the shipment arrives. You can just tell the postal worker/courier 'I refuse delivery'. The item will automatically be returned to sender. Once we see tracking indicate the return is underway, we can issue your refund.


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