Tokyowheel EPIC 50 Ride Report [Video Review]

10 dec 2013

Tokyowheel rider, Jeffrey from the USA posted a ride report video review of the EPIC 50 Carbon Clinchers. Check out the video below.


"Not too many rides so far but first impression are favorable. Wish I could relate data instead of just subjective input. In grad school my professor often stated "In God I trust, all others bring data"; so I'll post some actual data for weight and width measurements taken with a non-analytical scale and a micrometer. I like the wheelset and braking is better than I expected. Is it better than other carbon wheels? I don't now but I have an idea of how to test braking performance and compare to my other carbon wheelsets from different manufacturers. My standard control will be alloy Zipp101s. If my experiment is successful then I'll post that too." - Jeffrey S. Texas, USA


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