Tokyowheel Review Video

Tokyowheel Video Review By Sergey from USA

Tokyowheel Review - EPIC 5.6 Disc Brake Carbon Clincher Road Bike Wheels

Tokyowheel Review By Jay S. from Australia.

Vapor vs Vapor 2 - bearing numbers for each

There are 2 different Vapor hubs in circulation. The old one (Vapor), which we stopped selling a couple of years ago, has 6 bearings. The one we're currently selling (Vapor 2) has 8 bearings. Bearing ...

Tokyowheel Carbon Wheels, Now Built With Brass Nipples

Tokyowheel has updated one of the critical components we use to build our high speed carbon wheels. Now, every wheel is built with brass nipples, as opposed to our previously used aluminum nipples...

Get SwissStop® Brake Pads and Continental® Tires With Your New Carbon Wheels

Now when you buy new Tokyowheels, you have the option of upgrading your brake pads, and adding pre-installed tires and tubes to your wheels. ![](

Product recommendations

**Tires** Clincher Continental GP 5000 Tubeless Schwalbe Pro-one

What tires do you recommend?

You can't go wrong with most choices from Continental - especially the Grand Prix series. Start with the basic Grand prix, then see how you feel about the durability after 500~1000k (if that's how you...

When will I get my wheels?

Pre COVID: 14-21 days is our estimated delivery window. We make this window 95% of the time. If you have an event coming up or something we can put a rush on the order. This means it will be processed...

Do you sell inner tubes, tires, and cassettes?

Yes, we do sell inner tubes, and tires, but we don't sell cassettes. We recommend getting a cassette from your local bike shop....


自由 碳輪購買者指南

ionicons-v5-e 碳車輪有什麼價值?



ionicons-v5-e 課 1: 為什麼要碳?

ionicons-v5-e 課 2: 管狀vs.

ionicons-v5-e 課 3: 38 50 60 88瘋狂是什麼?

ionicons-v5-e 課 4: 寬輪輞更好嗎?

ionicons-v5-e 課 5: 輻條和輪轂重要嗎?

ionicons-v5-e 課 6: 如何避免為車輪付出太多

ionicons-v5-e 獎金: 獲取碳輪技巧,新聞和特別優惠