Cloud Based Computational Fluid Dynamics

Central to the engineering of the System-Optimised™ rim shapes was our use of cloud computation in CFD simulations. 

We teamed up...

Carbon-Strut™ Layup


Carbon Magnetic Hubs

Every Tokyowheel is now available with two different hub and spoke options.

Schedule, Status & What's Next

These 3 new wheelsets, and the 2 hub options, will be available for pre-sale from Tuesday May 24, 2016 at 12:00 Noon EST. 

Engineering The EPIC 3.4 Wheelset System

Each of our new wheels was designed with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for optimal performance in the aforementioned use cases. While most companies will design and test a single rim profile (...

Tokyowheel EPIC 3.4 Rim Sneak Preview

I want to give you a sneak preview look at what we’ve got coming up for you.

Last week I was in our carbon factory, checking out the first few testing units of the new Epic 3.4 rims. I shot a couple quick videos to give you an insider look.

Tokyowheel Published in Desktop Engineering Magazine

Over a year ago we began an ambitious project to engineer the fastest and most versatile cycling wheels in the world. To do that we started with unique approach to how we would engineer and test our designs.

Fame and fortune await our community!

We get a real kick out of seeing photos of our wheels in action. Our community does too. In the past, we published a selection of the photos sent to us in a number of different channels (our

How cloud-based computing is helping our riders

Tokyowheel has recently been featured by the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) company SimScale, for the advanced wind tunnel simulation used in the aerodynamic optimization of our carbon wheels.

Updated Tokyowheel Rims & Hubs

We’ve got a big update to our rims and hubs for you today. Let's get right into it and look at what's new.

New Epic Clincher Rims

The previous generation Epic ...


自由 碳輪購買者指南

ionicons-v5-e 碳車輪有什麼價值?



ionicons-v5-e 課 1: 為什麼要碳?

ionicons-v5-e 課 2: 管狀vs.

ionicons-v5-e 課 3: 38 50 60 88瘋狂是什麼?

ionicons-v5-e 課 4: 寬輪輞更好嗎?

ionicons-v5-e 課 5: 輻條和輪轂重要嗎?

ionicons-v5-e 課 6: 如何避免為車輪付出太多

ionicons-v5-e 獎金: 獲取碳輪技巧,新聞和特別優惠