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Since 2010. If you're interested, please take a look at the company time-line we publish on our About page.

We don't have any payment plan options at present. Most people use credit cards to accomplish the same thing, and might even get better interest rates doing so.

We offer a 65 day test ride with 110% paid returns. So if you would like to do a test ride, you can place an order for the wheels of your choice, and try the wheels for up to 65 days. If you want to return them we’ll pay the return shipping costs, give you a full refund, and pay you an extra 10% for your time.

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Contatta il supporto

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L'email è il modo migliore per contattarci perché siamo seriamente interessati al supporto e amiamo fornire risposte dettagliate, comprese foto, video e collegamenti alle risorse.

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