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How cloud-based computing is helping carbon wheels

Tokyowheel has recently been featured by the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) company SimScale, for the advanced wind tunnel simulation used in the aerodynamic optimization of our carbon wheels.

SimScale is a next-generation cloud-based engineering analysis platform (what a mouthful!). Tokyowheel uses this technology to optimize the aerodynamics of our wheels with computational fluid dynamics (or CFD if you are hip). By creating a 3-D model of a wheel in development, and simulating air flow over it, we are able to determine the drag on the wheel and alter certain characteristics to make improvements. Over time, this means better aerodynamics, and faster wheels.

Model of the Epic 38 carbon clincher

Traditionally, CFD has been a very time-consuming, and resource intensive process.

SimScale is revolutionizing the industry by moving all of the computation involved in simulations to cloud-based computers.

Why does this matter? CFD computations are inconceivably complex. A typical simulation can require hundreds of hours of computer processing time to complete. Such requirements restricted CFD product evolution in the past - the number of iterations tested in any project were subject to hardware related time constraints. Through SimScale, product developers can move computer processing into the cloud, and utilize nearly unlimited computing power to solve simulations.

The Epic 38 in action

The result is that we’re able to complete simulations in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.

This allows us to iterate with greater frequency and scope. By processing in the cloud we can even run multiple simulations simultaneously - testing multiple designs at once.

There are other benefits to cloud-based CFD. For example, without the limitation of software run locally, and the need to be in the same room to collaborate, staff in different locations can work synchronously with our US-based engineering team.

We will detail our CFD and engineering processes in another post - suffice it to say, the SimScale platform has allowed us to make significant improvements to our rims, in a fraction of the time it takes competing companies. This provides us with a very real market advantage, and provides you the rider with faster carbon wheels, that make your riding more efficient, and more fun.

Check out the full SimScale article here.

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