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Tokyowheel 110% Guarantees Explained

This post was originally part of the Tokyowheel thread on the slowtwitch forum, if you want to join the discussion, you can do so here [Slowtwitch] 

Tokyowheel has a few guarantees designed to take anxiety out of purchasing, and eliminate the chance of a rider having a negative experience buying Tokyowheels. 

We have 3 main guarantees. 

110% Guaranteed No Customs Taxes 

365 Day, 110% Moneyback Test Ride 

110% Speed Guaranteed 

Here is a little more info on each of those. 

110% Guaranteed No Customs Taxes. We are experts in global logistics and shipping, and we ship out wheels so customers don't pay any fees or taxes. As a company philosophy we believe that in an ideal world all riders should have equal access to our products. A rider in L.A. should get his wheels for the same total price as a rider in Mozambique. Free worldwide shipping and guaranteed no customs taxes is a big part of our effort to make that a reality. It's also an integral part of how we plan to lead the cycling industry and expand globally. We back that up with a 110% Guarantee, which means that in the case that you have to pay any additional fees to get your wheels to your door, we'll refund you 100% the cost of those fees, plus an extra 10% to say thanks (This rarely happens, but when it does we go the extra mile to support our riders) 

365 Day, 110% Money-Back Test Ride. If you buy wheels from Tokyowheel, and don't like them, then we have a responsibility to do something major to help you out. It's only fair. We give you 365 days to test your wheels and make a decision if you want to keep them. If you don't like your wheels anytime during your test, then we will pay for the return shipping of the wheels, give a full refund, and an extra 10% cash back (via paypal). We don't want anyone to ever say they experienced anything short of amazing when dealing with us. That's our goal. 

110% Speed Guaranteed. If you are looking for that extra speed edge, try Tokyowheel. We guarantee you will ride faster with our wheels, and if you don't, we'll pay for you to send them back, give you a full refund, and pay you an extra 10% as a thank you for trying them out. 

As you can probably see, we're confident in our products. There would be no way that we could stay in business if our wheels were bad and we had a large number of people taking us up on these guarantees. The truth is we rarely have anyone that needs to use these guarantees, but if you happen to be one of the rare people who have a negative experience with Tokyowheel, then we appreciate the chance to show you how much we respect you as a rider and a customer. These guarantees are the official structured company policy that we use to show our respect and appreciation for our customers. 

If anyone has any questions, just let me know, and also let me know if you need something the we don't offer. Thanks 
- James Ferrer 

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