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New EPIC Wheel Systems Pre-Sale

We've got a brand new line of road bike wheels that I would like to share with you today. These wheels have been in development for 16 months now. They are a culmination of everything we’ve learned. They’re also significantly different from the current generation wheels.

You can learn all about them in the 6-part blog post series linked to below, and you'll have a chance to buy them at incredible pre-sale prices.

The Wheels

We're very excited to introduce 3 new wheelset systems:

EPIC 3.4 (Best For: Climbing & Sprinting)


EPIC 5.6 (Best For: All-Purpose Riding)


EPIC 7.10 (Best For: Triathlon)

What's New

Each of the new big changes that went into making these products is outlined in a separate blog post. 

Part 1. Ride-Centered Product Line

Part 2. System-Optimised™ Design

Part 3. Cloud CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Part 4. Carbon-Strut™ Layup

Part 5. Carbon Magnetic Hubs

Part 6. Schedule, Status & What's Next


Starting Tuesday May 24, 2016 (at 12:00 Noon EST), all three wheelsets will be available for limited presale at incredible prices. 

The EPIC 3.4 is already in production and will begin shipping in June 2016. The EPIC 5.6 is estimated to ship in July, and the EPIC 7.10 is estimated to ship in August. 

The presale for each wheelset will continue until we begin shipping it. There are a few different pricing levels, with limited numbers available, so if you order sooner you'll get a better price. 

Each wheelset is available with two hub & spoke configurations, Standard and Pro. The Pro hub and spoke option for every wheelset is estimated to ship in August.

You can see the prices and models here. On Tuesday the presale will become active, so be sure to get there early and take advantage of the Super Early Pre-Sale Price.

Read more in Part 1 of this series, how we built a Ride-Centered Product Line.


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