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Tokyowheel® EPIC 3.4 UCI Certification [Video]


The Tokyowheel® EPIC 3.4 wheelset has been fully UCI certified.

We completed the testing of that wheelset and submitted our results to the UCI a few months ago. We just received confirmation that our Application was successful, and our wheels have been certified. In the next few weeks, you will be able to see Tokyowheel on the UCI's website list of approved wheels. This is one of the first wheelsets to be certified under the new 2016 testing protocol, and we are very proud of the performance that was achieved.

Up until this year, the testing protocol simulated a high speed front impact, where the front wheel (with tire) is totally destroyed, and the criteria for success was no part of the wheel being ejected outwards. The rational behind this comes from a crash situation in a large peloton group of riders. In this scenario, if one rider crashes, and parts of their wheel fly out and strike other riders, it could cause a larger multi-person crash.

The new test is non-destructive. It is designed to test a hard imapact (40 Joules) on the front wheel (without tire), with success criterial of the wheel not cracking or going out of true more than 1mm.

All 'non-standard’ wheels to be used in UCI sanctioned road and cyclocross events must be certified. A ‘non-standard’ wheel is one that has a rim depth greater than 25mm. Classic aluminum wheels generally fall into the ‘standard wheel’ category, and do not need to be tested. All Tokyowheels have rim depths larger than 25mm, and therefore UCI certification is necessary. The EPIC 3.4 is the first of our new product line to be certified, the EPIC 5.6 and 7.10 will follow.

This certification is a confirmation of the durability and safety of the Tokyowheel EPIC 3.4 wheel set. We are dedicated to not only increase your performance on the bike, but also your peace of mind that your equipment is of the highest safety standards.


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